Our roots are in the 1950´s when Fidel Azcabide established a lime factory in the Basque Country (Spain).

Our search for quality and guaranteed supplies means we have a constant need to find our own raw materials so that we can meet our customers' needs.

Our experience

As a result of this demand our production processes incorporated the first ever regenerative Maerz kiln; that was back in 1973. One year later Fidel Azcabide S.A was founded.

Over the last 40 years Calcinor has developed into a business group entering new markets through organic growth and through the acquisition of strategic companies at national and international level. At the end of the 1980´s it was already the main producer of limestone in Spain.


Fidel Azcabide began lime production.


First high purity limestone quarry in Altzo.


Industrial evolution with the installation of three regenerative lime kilns.


Setting up of two new regenerative kilns in Andalusia.


Incorporation of the company Dolomitas del Norte, rounding off the range of calcined and sintered products.


Expansion continues in Madrid and Levante (Spain) with new plants and quarries.


Development of aggregates and concrete market wherever mineral resources were available.


The dolomite value chain is completed with the Refractarios Kelsen factory.


Internationalisation starts in Slovakia and Hungary.


Entry into asphalt activity with the Campezo company, this activity being complemented with civil works and services.


Activity is initiated in Catalonia with Cales de Llierca, and a new product, PCC, is added to the range.


Entry into Morocco thanks to the company Lafarge Calcinor Maroc.

The company strategy is based on the diversification of markets and products, typical of an entrepreneurial mind-set, and one that guarantees sustained growth over time. Our differentiation from competitors - as in previous eras - is still based on a good-understanding and collaboration with our customers, the use of the best available techniques, flexibility in production, a wide range of products and a shareholder vision that guarantees a long-term existence.

Some details

22 industrial plants

1,000 employees and growing

1% 1% of turnover for environmental

The Group’s growth does not dilute the family company philosophy: with its vision of long-term investment.

The development of Calcinor continues in the 21st century, opening up new markets such as those of refractories or precipitated calcium carbonate. In the same way, the arrival on the international market resulted in strategic alliances with local partners for the supply of new territories, such as Maghreb and Eastern Europe.

Calcinor is currently a holding company for around 50 firms and has around 1,000 employees worldwide, it has a manufacturing presence on three continents and supplies markets on the five continents. It has a diverse business structure that started out in the mining sector, at several quarries. Calcinor has been able to penetrate numerous sectors by employing a wide range of products with the use of industrial processes based on cutting-edge technologies.

We are leaders

Leader in the limestone and dolomite sector in Spain, Slovakia, Hungary and Morocco.

Leader in the PCC sector (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate) in Spain.

Leader in the refractory dolomite brick sector in Spain.

Calcinor Group Mission and Values

We are an Industrial Group that, capitalising on its mining vocation, aims to be a leader in its zones of influence, one that develops value-added products, dedicated to satisfying our customers, that is environmentally friendly and appreciated by both its staff and shareholders.

“Family company with a long-term industrial culture.”

Technology + Research + Customer Orientation + Human team + Professionalism + Strength