Lime putty

The product does not contain sand and each particle size is less than 100 microns, it is possible to add pigments as required. It is possible to mix with cement and plaster for a more durable mortar.

A well-known product in the building rehabilitation sector for its plasticity and workability.

Possessing consolidated and longstanding applications, such as that of restorations of landmark and masonry buildings, and the realisation of stucco since ancient times. It is also used in agriculture as a biocide.

Lime putty can react well with quick lime or calcium hydroxide. After adding the necessary amount of water until it reaches the desired consistency, set aside for months, as aging improves the properties of the putty, to ensure full maturation and plasticity development.

The main advantages of this product are:

  • Natural and versatile product.
  • High plasticity and workability.
  • Greater water retention capacity.
  • Greater permeability, permitting the passing of water vapours, which therefore reduces humidity.
  • High malleability before it hardens.
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

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