The high performance dolomitic refractory is capable of resisting chemical, mechanical and thermal determination, guaranteeing high performance.

Refractarios Kelsen offers technical service experiments for advice and tailor made solutions.

Refractarios Kelsen houses a wide range of products to meet different applications, such as slag lines and mechanical impact on ladle bottoms. The choice of the appropriate combination for each application permits a regular wear of the lining, and therefore an important reduction in specific cladding costs.

Within the range of products for the steel and iron industry, Refractorios Kelsen produces:

Dolomite Bricks, C0arbon-Dolomite Bricks, Carbon-Magnesia Dolomite Bricks, Magnesite Bricks, Carbon-Magnesia Bricks, Carbon-Magnesia-Alumina Bricks, Carbon-Alumina Bricks, Dolomite stemming and filling preparations, Magnesite stemming preparations for projection, gunning and patching, Magnesite Concrete and EAF slab plains.

Dolomitic refractory materials (bricks and compounds) are produced from a dolomite sinter in a double-pass sintering process, which gives the refractory constant physical and chemical properties.

This raw material is produced by Calcinor in their Bueras plant (Dolomitas del Norte), thereby achieving a vertical integration and shutting down the production cycle.

The main advantages of this dolomitic lining are summarised in the following points:

  • High stability of composed oxides.
  • Optimum desulphurisation and deoxidation of steel.
  • Improved castability.
  • The CaO present in dolomite favours desulphuration.
  • Improved insulation, increasing energy savings.
  • Compatibility with other raw materials.

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