Chemical industry

Calcium products are indispensable in chemical industry sector.

Its numerous applications such as reagent; pH corrector, regenerator, lubricant or secant, makes calcium products indispensable in this sector.

The chemical industry is usually responsible for sinter compounds that later serve as an active ingredient or raw material for other productive processes (fertilisers, feed...) This sector can cover all products of Calcinor, because its variety is able to offer a solution for any necessity.

By way of example, the features of the following products are highlighted: calcium oxide, hydroxide, calcium and PCC.

  • Calcium oxide

    Calcium oxide is widely used in the production of organic chemical compounds due to its high reactivity and ease in the formation of salts.

  • Calcium hydroxide

    Calcium hydroxide, its fineness, reactivity together with its lubricant feature, makes it ideal for whitening products.

  • Precipitated calcium carbonate

    PCC is used as a chemical reaction for its purity and high specific surface area.