Past, present and future of Calcinor


A family business with a mining vocation began its journey in the 1950s under the leadership of Mr. Fidel Azkabide in the North of Spain (Basque Country). The company took the name CALCINOR in 1990, establishing its base of operations in the town of Alzo, where it had its own limestone quarry and modern calcination kilns for obtaining lime. This plant for obtaining and commercialising lime will be renamed CALERA DE ALZO S.L. in 2003, and is currently the largest CALCINOR plant, which today, as a holding company, has more than 25 companies spread over two continents.


CALERA DE ALZO S.A. has a high quality mining resource and its wide experience in the manufacture of aggregates, lime and derivatives, has led it to be considered a reference supplier in the different sectors of application of its products (Calcium Oxide, Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Carbonate, Milk of Lime).


With facilities that ensure a high production capacity, it is considered one of the leading suppliers in the different sectors in which its products are used (Iron and Steel, Construction, Environment and Agriculture).

Corporate responsability

CALERA DE ALZO S.A. has state-of-the art facilities with great capacity to respond to the demand of its clients. Its innovative spirit and commitment with the environment has turned it into the reference company in CALCINOR in the implementation of new energetic and sustainable production models.


CALERA DE ALZO  has a high quality mining resource and a long history as a leading company in the manufacture of aggregates, limes and derivatives.

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    Plaza Egileor 101
    20268 Altzo (Gipuzkoa).
    GPS: 43.087476, -2.0674045

    Tel: +34 943 653 243