Quicklime or calcium hydroxide cleans the sludge, destroying the microorganisms and bacteria present, in the same way it prevents their growth and reduces bad smells.

Some industrial processes are generated through products inthe form of sludge, something that needs to be properly managed.

In the water treatment sector a large quantity of sludge is generated in the filtration and decantation process. Sludge, depending on its origin, contains a high percentage of moisture, which makes it difficult to manage. Due to its organic load bacteria develops and it gives off a bad odour.

However lime and its derivatives minimize most of these problems. The addition of quick-lime dries the sludge via calcium hydroxide formation, and evaporation, generated by heat released in the exothermic reaction of lime hydration.  Correct mixing and turning of the sludge increases the drying effect, turning it into a more manageable material.

A rise in pH occurs owing to the addition of quick-lime and calcium hydroxide, cleaning the sludge, destroying themicroorganisms and bacteria present, at the same time it prevents their growth and drastically reduces bad smells.