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Kelal: the new refractory concrete

Kelal: the new refractory concrete

The involvement of Calcinor in European project EDEFU has allowed to create a collaboration project of R+D+i (research + development + innovation) in seeking for an energy-efficient and low environmental impact concrete. Given that the use of nanotechnology, we have developed KELAL, a new range of refractory concretes specific for holding furnaces in he aluminium sector.

After several studies, engineering calculations and some tests, finally reformulation of the product arises. With the help of new additives, rheology and thixotropic properties have been improved and it has been developed this new thermoeconomic-refractory concrete, with large chemical and mechanical resistance and chemical treatments with less drying period.

As abovementioned technology, it have been developed regular concretes (RC), low cement concretes (LCC) and ultra-low cement concretes (ULCC) for vibrocastable or applications self-castable.Hormigón refractario y cuchara del sector del aluminio

Very soon, individual presentations to leading companies of aluminium sector will be carried out in order to launch our innovative product. If you are interested in receiving more information about this product, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


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