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Campanzar Quarry: the future of underground mining

Campanzar Quarry: the future of underground mining

This authorisation makes us a cutting-edge company in the sector; strengthen our commitment to environment and ensuring the supply of a basic material, such as limestone aggregate.

Campanzar aggregates have contributed to development of Alto Deba in all aspects related to infrastructures and civil engineering.  This region has always been a baseline at innovation and research projects, cradle of great planning and ideas thanks to their universities, innovation poles and industrial sectors like locksmith, tool-machine and automotive, among others.

Campanzar, due to this project, endorsed by Basque Government, aimed to be a “quarry” source of innovation and knowledge. One of the main goals of Campanzar is boosting new mining techniques within extraction sector of limestone in underground mining as an alternative to the current opencast mining.

Underground mining is technically secure and environmentally friendly, because guarantees the environment recovery and is economically feasible too. The underground design of Kanpanzar is pioneering in the whole State, with four height levels and a floor surface of about 400 metres wide and 300 metres deep.

Reduction of visual impact, a more environment-friendly performance and keeping the current job positions are some of the reasons to bet on this underground mining challenging project.


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