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Aefame celebrates its first anniversary

Aefame celebrates its first anniversary

AEFAME - The Basque Family Business Association - (Asociación de Empresa Familiar de Euskadi) has celebrated its first year of existence with very positive results. This conclusion was reached at the first General Meeting of the association, which also set out the new objectives for the next few years.

The first of these objectives is to carry on growing. At the moment AEFAME is made up of 34 family businesses from the three provinces in The Basque Country (6 companies from the province of Álava, 10 from Gipuzkoa and 18 from Bizkaia), and it is hoped that by the end of 2016 there will be 50 members.

Another challenge for AEFAME over the next few years is to adopt measures that guarantee the generational handover at member companies. One of these measure is “Ágora”, a new instrument that will serve as a forum for the exchange of experiences among the future leaders of family businesses.

It was in May 2015 when Calcinor joined a group of Basque companies to form AEFAME. The companies that make up this association work in a wide range of sectors, and the common interests that they all share have been worked on during the last 12 months.

Belonging to this association means that public knowledge of this type of company is boosted, contributing to its development as well as creating jobs, it also allows the exchange of experiences that serve as examples and as help when a similar type of situation is encountered.

Calcinor is a part of the Management Board through our Honorary President, Juan Jesús Santa Cruz, he works alongside José Ramón Fernández de Barrena (Uvesco), Aner Garmendia Urkizu (Ega Master), María Luisa GuibertUcín (Algeposa), Francisco Riberas (Gestamp), Jorge Sendagorta Gomendio (Sener), Borja Vicinay (Vicinay) and Javier Ormazabal (Velatia).

AEFAME is part of the IEF - Institute of Family Businesses (Instituto de la Empresa Familiar) which has 17 members from associations all over Spain.

The next event will be held at the end of May in Lisbon and is aimed at the youngest members of family businesses.


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