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25 years collaborating with the Altzo Ascent

25 years collaborating with the Altzo Ascent

The XXV Subida a Altzo - Altzo Ascent - a race for cyclists that the Grupo Calcinor has been collaborating with since it began 25 long years ago, was held recently. As a way of showing their gratitude for our commitment down the years the organizers of the Fiestas in the town of Alzo have given us a commemorative plaque.

The XXV edition of the Subida a Altzo was held on 31st July, and it was Jaime Castrillo, a member of the Lizarte team from Navarre who carried off the victory after completing the climb in eight minutes and twenty-five seconds. The runner-up was Sergio Samitier, a rider from the same team, who was judged to have finished just two seconds behind the winner.

The Altzo Time-trial is a 5.2 kilometres long ascent which starts in Alegia (Gipuzkoa) and finishes in Altzo. There are few time-trials of this type in the amateur calendar so it has become a big attraction that tempts up and coming local riders to participate and at the same time, attracts an enthusiastic crowd to cheer them on. The route is marked by a series of turns and steep gradients that test the individual strength of the cyclists.

We would like to thank the Altzo Town Council and its Comisión de Fiestas - organizers of the fiestas – for this acknowledgement as we are very satisfied with the recognition. And we are in no doubt that we will carry on collaborating with what has become a traditional cycle ascent for another 25 years.


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