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CAL ARTESANAL`s humanitarian Project in KENYA continues to make progress

CAL ARTESANAL`s humanitarian Project in KENYA continues to make progress
Constructions in Turkana

CALCINOR`s participation in a humanitarian project that produces lime at small-scale in Turkana (Kenya) has continued over the last few months with the efforts of all those involved in the project, who have now seen the first fruits of their hard work.

After the successful setting up of the lime furnace a choice was made to construct a small-scale workshop that can make sustainable construction materials. So, after its first year of operation it is currently producing quality lime and plaster as needed.

The aim is to make bricks from baked clay, blocks of mortar (with plaster and lime as binders) and prefabricated roofing-tiles. To achieve this, after the first phase of construction to build the basic installations that make these two products, they are now building the storage areas and nearby offices related to the workshop.

The difficulties encountered are not only financial as there are problems to find the right equipment that is needed (the latter designed specifically to be operated by hand and made by blacksmiths at places far from Turkana). All of which meant that getting the workshop up and running was not at easy.

However, the workshop will be able to complete the important projects scheduled for over the next few years: a church and an operating theatre for ophthalmologic surgery.

All of this will be possible thanks to the great team, directed by the engineer Pablo Moñino, working there. They can count on the technical-financial help of several people and companies, one of which is CALCINOR, and very proud to be taking part in the project.



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