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If the minerals from Calcinor could speak…

They would say that they were carefully selected, extracted and treated, so that at the end they bcome the best calcium products available.

The truth is that behind all their preparation there is, working behind the scenes, a team of mining professionals whose method of mine management and selection of minerals clearly show that the quality of all Calcinor products does not come from simple rock, but from careful prospecting and extraction of the highest level.

Calcinor`s leading position in its sector is not a coincidence

High standards and a clear business visión – the Calcinor Company was brought about by a focused mining vocation – along with a bet on the quality of the raw materials, have created products with high-added value which has allowed the company to focus on satisfying its customers.

This work has been developed over a long time at the different mining installations that Calcinor has around Europe and Africa, and means that the calcium products obtained come from the purest rocks and minerals which at the same time means that they are of the highest value.

The fact is that we cannot forget that the calcium sector that Calcinor is part of, has some very specific requirements which vary according to the desired qualities, not just depending in many cases on the final use, but also on the geographical zone where the order comes from.

That is where Calcinor, with a well-designed geographical network of mining installations, shows all its potential as it can immediately respond to the varied calcium needs of our customers by providing a wide-range of varied products.

An indelible stamp on the end product

It is well-known that all end products are a true reflection of the materials that are used to make them, and this is no different in the case of the calcium products made by Calcinor. Their quality is defined by the quality of the rock that is used to make them, limestone as well as Dolomite, both of which leave an indelible stamp on all our products.

That is why Calcinor, in a clear bet on quality and excellence, carries out the selection and management of its deposits by bringing togehter three key resources of the company:

  • Its own team of professionals, experts in mine prospecting and mine exploitation.
  • The use of the latest generation of equipment and techniques for mine prospecting.
  • Its own laboratory for the specialized physical and chemical analysis of minerals.

Hence, with its multidisciplinary team and the use of the best techniques available, Calcinor can guarantee the selection of the best rocks for the extraction and production of the best minerals for their customers.

One example of this good practice is the fact that Calcinor has the highest quality of Dolomite deposits in the north of Spain (in the Cantabrian mountain chain) as well as the purest limestones in the whole of Spain.

Calcinor`s commitment

At this moment in time, in addition to carrying out pioneering mine management and the production of calcium products with a high level of richness, Calcinor is betting on two additional key aspects: respect for the Environment and Safety as part of its commitment to the environment.

In consequence, Calcinor uses the natural resources provided by its mines in a responsible and sustainable manner. With this in mind the company, in addition to possessing reserves of high purity carbonates, uses the most suitable techniques to achieve the highest level of yield from its raw materials and so extend the useful life of its mining installations as much as possible.

Moreover, Calcinor complies with all the measures set out in its Environmental Impact Statement of its Mining Installations, especially those concerning the regulations involving dust emissions, noise levels, discharge to rivers, waste management, soil protection and the restoration of the envirionment as well as the integration of its quarries into the countryside.

In the same way, regarding safety, Calcinor pays special attention to compliance with the measures that guarantee safe working at its quarries. To achieve this the risks involved in this type of exploitation are rigourously monitored and checked; from blasting at its quarries to those related to hygiene (inhaling of dust, exposure to noise…) as well as the handling of machinery.

The result is reflected in the product

In summary, the importance that Calcinor places on its raw materials is more than evident, because this is how it obtains its quality calcium products and one of the reasons why the company is recognised as a leader in its sector.

With this in mind, Calcinor carries out high level research into mining and carries out suitable management programmes, both operational and environmental, and of quarry safety, the result being a complete range of competitive products for both the market and industry.

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