Asphalt production with manufacturing systems of environmentally friendly bituminous mixtures, for greater energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Asfaltia produces bituminous mixtures and provides maintenance services and the conservation of public works.

Road surfaces are made up of a series of layers placed horizontally on the ground, with two main functions:

  • Resistance: must be able to sufficiently cushion the loads so that the surface can withstand them.
  • Provide a comfortable, safe driving surface.

The surface of any road is made up of layers of bituminous mixture. A bituminous mix is defined as the combination of a hydrocarbon binder mechanism, aggregates, mineral powder and finally additives so that all the aggregate particles are covered with a thin film and a homogeneous binder.

At the same time, bituminous mixtures can be classified according to their manufacturing temperature, cold, tepid, medium-hot and hot mixtures.

Asfaltia is committed to making sure that bituminous mixture manufacturing systems are more environmentally friendly, i.e., bituminous mixtures are made at temperatures below 100°C, with high rates of recycled materials, not only for greater energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, but also for the health of our workers.

Furthermore, through R+D and innovation, we develop specific products for any situation that arises. For example, a bituminous mixture specific to road tunnels, additives to improve its resistance to fire, bio-blends etc…

In addition to the bituminous mixtures produced at their five asphalt plants in The Basque Country and in Castilla and León, Asfaltia also offers maintenance and conservation services.