The most effective solution for water remineralisation with calcite beds.

Our CALCITALAVADA 1/3 mm, marketed since 2008, is a top range product whose performance guarantees success at the remineralisation stage of potable water. It is a high added value product, commercialised around the world.

Manufacture: Our exclusive manufacturing process achieves a complete absence of finings, with the guarantee of non-turbidity being generated in the mineralised water produced.

High mineral richness: Calcium carbonate content greater than 99%.

Quality: Thanks to the efforts dedicated to the quality control of this product, we provide all legally required certifications for its application in the remineralisation sector of potable water.  We also have a manual of use.

Product classification regarding UNE EN 1018:2013/A1:2014:

  • Class 1 (section 5.2)

  • Quality 1 (section 5.3)

  • Type A (section 5.4)