The CALCINOR NATURDEP® range of products offers GUARANTEED SOLUTIONS for industrial gas treatment.

During the Acid Gas Treatment Process:

Treating acid gases with Naturdep


All thermal industrial processes (firing, combustion, curing…) generate pollutant acid gases (Fluorine, Chlorine, Sulphur…). These gases cannot be pumped directly into the atmosphere as they must meet a series of emission requirements and limits.

The approval of new regulations dictating greater restrictions on acid emissions obliges companies to take steps with respect to gas treatment and capturing technologies.


A variety of gas treatment systems exist, which can be divided into: wet, semi-wet, dry and semi-dry.

  • The type of industrial thermal process and characteristics of the gas produced (temperature, flow, pollutant mixture…) determines the type of gas treatment to be introduced in each installation.
  • Each decontamination facility and each industrial process requires an individualised response when it comes to gas treatment.
  • The type and  quantity of absorbent must be adapted to the individual characteristics of each process.


These systems can use anything from calcium carbonates to quick or hydrated limes, whether injected dry or as milk of lime. Their fineness, purity, reactivity and specific surface properties are key.

NATURDEP range Properties
(Calcium Carbonate)
Fineness, purity, reactivity.
(Calcium Oxide)
Fineness, purity, reactivity.
(Calcium Hydroxide)
Fineness, purity, reactivity, specific surface.
(Calcium Hydroxide)
Fineness, purity, reactivity, specific surface, pore volume.

Acid Pollutant Abatement Mechanisms

Application of the Naturdep range
  • Purity: high purity of raw materials, which guarantee high gaseous pollutant capturing capacity.
  • Fineness: micrometric sizes help to accelerate the reaction kinetics.
  • Reactivity: high reactivity enables a greater number of abatement reactions.
  • Specific surface: high specific surfaces help to increase the pollutant absorption efficiency.
  • Pore volume: the distribution of this key parameter directly influences the pollutant absorption capacity.

NATURDEP® products are added to the gas capturing system where they come into contact with the polluted gaseous effluent (acid comp: F, SL, S…), cleaning the gas as it passes through the sleeve filter.

Naturdep application on sleeve filters

The properties of our NATURDEP® range boost the effectiveness of the acid pollutant capturing process, thanks to its purity and specific surfaces,  reducing the quantity of waste in any of the gas treatment processes.

The properties of our NATURDEP® range boost the effectiveness of the acid pollutant capturing process, thanks to its purity and specific surfaces,  reducing the quantity of waste in any of the gas treatment processes.

Offers the Necessary Solutions for the Gas Treatment Sector

NATURDEP® M ► micronized calcium carbonates mainly used in the start-up phase of facilities to protect the sleeve filters.

NATURDEP® CLM ► micronized calcium oxides suitable for injection into high temperature gaseous effluents.

NATURDEP® S ► hidróxido cálcico de elevada riqueza y reactividad, listo para su inyección directa en seco.

NATURDEP® SCS ► calcium hydroxide of high purity and reactivity, ready to go for dry injection.

Treating acid gases with Naturdep

New Highly Efficient Product to Guarantee the Most Demanding Industrial Emissions Limits.

NATURDEP® SCS A Calcium Hydroxide of High Absorbent Capacity.


The continued reduction in permitted emission limits comes with the need for new products offering greater efficiency when it comes to capturing pollutants.
NATURDEP® SCS is a natural product born from industry’s growing needs for increasingly more efficient neutralizing options. Obtained by means of a specialised production process, NATURDEP® SCS stands out for its high reactivity and ability to capture acid pollutants.  

Capture efficiency

The high specific surface and pore volume of the NATURDEP® SCS product particles enhance efficiency in the capturing of acid substances.

Neutralising capacity

The use of high quality raw materials to produce NATURDEP® SCS translates into the guarantee of high purity for improved capture efficiency.


NATURDEP® SCS, is an easy-to-use fluid product for direct injection into the optimal point of the existing gas treatment system. It requires no treatment prior to its injection.
Main properties of NATURDEP® SCS
Specific surface Pore volume
40 m2/g 0,25 cm3/g

An Essential Gas Treatment Product Offering Technology and Environmental Protection

Reduced waste

Less waste generated due to the lower dosage requirement, helping to improve the global cost of the production process. The resulting calcium salts have lower solubility making waste management less of a problem.


The continuing legal changes in permitted emission limits are increasingly more restrictive, making NATURDEP® SCS an essential product for guaranteeing the maintenance of industrial activity.


Direct use with no need for pre-treatment. Improved fluidity makes decanting the product at the factory easier.

Its improved capturing efficiency properties mean that the dimensioning of the existing gas treatment facilities can be maintained.

Given this product’s specialised nature and its application, CALCINOR offers its customers an expert technical service to help them adapt the type and quantity of absorbent to the individual characteristics of each process.