Calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), Slaked lime

We have developed, thanks to our hydration technologies, different products adapted to the needs of our customers.

We offer an exclusive range of products for every application.

Calcium hydroxide or slaked lime and the specific products derived from it, are obtained through the calcium oxide hydration process:

CaO + H2O  →  Ca(OH)2 + Heat

Hydration of quicklime generates heat, helping to dry and disinfect the materials being treated. Calcium hydroxide based products are used in most sectors, from construction to the agri-food industry.

Various hydration tehcnologies available at Calcinor and our R+D activities allow us to offer special products.

The NATURDEP® product range has been designed for the environmental sector and more specifically for the treatment and decontamination of gases.

In the case of CALHIDROX®, a rigorous production process makes it possible to adapt it to the demanding sector of treatment of water for human consumption.