Calcium oxide (CaO), Quicklime

By dividing the strongest natural carbonates, specific calcined products can be manufactured for any production process.

Calcium oxide and the specific products derived from it are obtained by the process of calcination of calcium carbonate at high temperature.

CaCO3 + Heat → CaO + CO2

Calcium oxide is an alkaline product that allows the regulation of many industrial processes. Its principal properties depend on its chemical composition and the thermal treatment that the mineral has been subjected to, which determine its degree of reactivity.

Calcinor is betting on the most energy efficient calcination systems on the market. Through grinding processes and additional classifications Calcinor is able to offer the most suitable granulometric grade for any application as well as the optimum shipping format for every customer (sacks, large bag, bulk).

Special calcium oxide based products have been developed in the R+D department:

  • The STABYCAL® bycal product range has been designed in response to the specific “Ground stabilisation” application, achieving greater efficiency and performance...
  • In the case of CALFRIT®, a limestone of great purity is used and is specially prepared to offer a unique product, intended for the most demanding of industrial sectors.

Discover our exclusive Calcium oxide based products and their specific applications.