Special mortars and mortars mixed with lime and cement.

With our own quarries in strategic locations, we are the leading producers in Gipuzkoa (The Basque Contry) and have an important presence in both Levante and Madrid, offering a personalized quality service.

These products are used for buiding assembly or for coatings on masonry and walls. Mortar is made by mixing sand, water, cement and additives in specific proportions.

Calcinor produces mortars mixed with lime and cement, as well as special mortars, which are then bagged or stored in silos and deposited on building-sites.

The main applications of mortars are: Partitions, grouting, rough plastering works, rendering or plasters. Therefore, mortars can be classified as below:

  • Grouting mortar.
  • Projection mortar.

A highly qualified team advises customers and guides them in their decision-making.

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