Sintered products

Sintered products of high purity and excellent refractory properties.

Sintered products made by Calcinor are distributed worldwide.

Calcinor provides a range of high purity sintered products, obtained through a two-step thermic process; an initial calcination or roasting, followed by briquetting, and later sintering.

Ca Mg (CO3)2 + Tª (~1000ºC) → CaO MgO calcined + 2CO2

CaO MgO calcined + Tª (>2000ºC) → CaO MgO sintered

With this technique we are able to obtain excellent refractory products of high purity. Through another manufacturing process with the sintered products, Refractarios Kelsen which belongs to Calcinor, produces a wide variety of refractory material both shaped and unshaped for use in the iron and steel industry.

Sintered dolomite is a product obtained through high temperatures. The combination of its chemical quality together with the production process used, gives high refractoriness. It is used widely to obtain refractory materials in mass and brick form for use in the iron and steel industry.

REFRADOL, obtained through constant R+D research, based on sintered dolomite of high density, which is then subjected to an additional process that confers it a high resistance to hydration, making it suitable for use in gunning plains for ladles and electric arc furnaces.

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