Iron and Steel industry

Committed to innovating the most efficient use of products in the iron and steel sector.

Calcinor supplies the products necessary for success in the steel and iron making process, such as quick-lime, calcined dolomite and refractory materials.

To obtain steel the base is iron ore or scrap metals. In both cases, Calcinor products are necessary to process and obtain the final raw steel with the desired composition.

Committed to innovating the most efficient use of products in the steel and iron sector, Calcinor carries out R+D activities in collaboration with iron and steel  producing companies.

The quality of our products allows them to be exported to four continents.

Then, there are the specified functions that are carried out on each product used in the iron and steel sector:

  • Calcium carbonate and Calcium-magnesium carbonate

    Raw materials supplied by Calcinor, which due to their purity are exported for use in blast furnaces in different countries and continents, allowing the refining and manufacturing of steel, as well as the protection of the refractory covering of furnaces, kilns and converters.

  • Calcium oxide

    Added in the electric arc furnace (EAF), blast furnaces, ODA converters and refining ladles. It acts as a flux and scorifier, purifying the composition of the steel to remove sulphur, phosphorus and silica which are harmful to the mechanical properties of the final steel.

  • Refractories

    Used in stemming plains or shaped as thermal and chemical protection of elements that are a part of the iron-steel manufacturing process: furnaces, kilns, refining ladles, converters and mixing troughs. Its purity and refractoriness allow a more energetically efficient process in iron-steel production. Our technical service advises you and provides tailor-made solutions.

  • Calcined dolomite

    It is added both in EAF and the refining ladle and performs a dual role. On the one hand, it participates in the removal of sulphur and phosphorus and on the other, it saturates the magnesium oxide in the slag bringing about an increase in the useful life of the refractory covering.

  • Calcium hydroxide

    Acts as a neutraliser and conditioner of the acidic water used in iron-steel production. Moreover, it is of particular use in the recovery of the water used in pickling and the cleaning of metallic surfaces, which are usually part of the preliminary stages in galvanizing centres.