Depending on the technique used to extract minerals, the products have to perform different functions.

Calcium based products act as a flux, scorifier and tuner of alloy composition. We also have refractory concretes for the aluminium smelting industry.

Metallurgy encompasses a set of techniques to extract metals, such as copper, zinc, lead, silver, nickel, uranium, and gold from the minerals that contain them. Depending on the technique used in each case, Calcinor products have different roles: flux, scorifier, and impurity separator…

Below are some of the most common functions of Calcinor calcium-based products:

  • Calcium carbonate, calcium-magnesium carbonate and calcium oxide

    Act in various processes, mainly as a scorifier, flux and trace element purifier.

  • Calcium hydroxide


    Acts as a pH water regulator and in electrolytic processes for obtaining metal.

  • Refractory concrete


    Highlight the range of concrete KELAL® refractories, specifically designed for the aluminium industry sector.