Calcinor offers a range of products specifically adapted for this sector.

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) is used as a mineral load to improve the rheology and mechanical resistance of the plastic.

In the last two centuries, continuous R+D on new molecules and systems of polymerization has led to a growth in the number of materials based on the chemistry of carbon based chemicals. Thousands of types with different properties means that plastic today has a huge number of applications, becoming an essential part of day to day life in developed societies.

  • Ultra-micronised CaO

    Ultra-micronised calcium oxide is a very fine powder and is used as a drying agent in the production of plastic pellets of different types and with different properties. Its select composition and special granulometry aids its dispersion, providing the necessary dryness during the mixing of raw materials to be obtained.


    CALPREC® is used as functional fillers to improve the mechanical properties and appearance of different types of rigid plastic, especially PVC (whiteness, shine, finish). Unlike other fillers, CALPREC® brings a decrease in the consumption of other additives such as dispersants, impact modifiers and rheology during processing.