History In 1810, a lime kiln laid the foundation for what would become Europe’s most successful building material brand, after its foundation in 1988. Baumit currently has branches in 25 countries, with Calcinor being part of Baumit Spain, founded in 2008. Products With more than 100 years of experience, Baumit is the ‘Pioneer’ of thermal […]


In Slovakia, the partnership is set in Calmit Eslovaquia (CSK). This enterprise, in turn, is a product by merger of three production plants situated at the West (Zirany), centre (Tisovec) and East (Margecany) part of the country, together with administrative offices in Bratislava. It was in 2000 when operations started for this partnership, which has […]


History EuroFillers is a joint venture between Schmid Industrieholding and Calcinor, which was founded in 2016. The companies under the umbrella of the Eurofillers holding company are the Austrian euroMinerals and the Slovakian euroTalc, as well as the Central European Calmit and the Spanish Cales de Llierca. They are all producers of industrial minerals, which, […]


History The company was founded in 1965 as a gypsum stone mining company. In 1974, with the installation of 2 treatment furnaces, it also began to market the treated product in powder form. In 1982 Calcinor began its collaboration with Yesos Albi, and today it has five gypsum kilns and two kilns for expanding perlite. […]


History Family business founded in 1997 in Carcasonne (France) for the commercialisation of products derived from limestone exploitation. In 2012 it became part of Calcinor, becoming a key distributor of its products. Products Thanks to its profound knowledge of the market, customers and applications, EUROCHO is one of the only distribution companies in its sector […]


History Born out of a joint venture between Lafarge Maroc and Calcinor in 2011, Lafarge Calcinor Maroc (LCM) has established itself as the current leader in lime and dolomite in the Moroccan market, also competing in international markets. Products LCM’s production plant, built to the best international standards, supplies Morocco’s growing needs for lime, hydrate […]


Grupo Campezo focuses its business activity on the manufacture and paving of all road surfaces and layers, both those treated with cement or lime and hot, warm and cold bituminous mixtures. It also provides paving equipment for cold microsurfacing. It has a R+D laboratory equipped with the state-of-the-art control and design sources, offering a comprehensive […]


History The Campezo Group began its activity in 1940 with the exploitation of the asphalt rock mines of San Román de Campezo (Álava). It became part of Calcinor in 2005, and today it is formed by CAMPEZO OBRAS Y SERVICIOS, TEUSA, ASFALTIA, GZS and BTB. Solutions The Campezo Group is a specialist in infrastructure construction, […]


History KOBEKA HARROBIAK S.L. includes the production centres of Kanpanzar, Kobate and Kobaundi in which Calcinor participates. These limestone quarries are located in Mondragón (Gipuzkoa) and have been supplying the surrounding area with aggregate for construction since 1959. Around 1989, concrete production was incorporated into the process, becoming a benchmark supplier in the sector. Products […]


Campanzar quarry is located on the rocky mountain of Udalaitz in Arrasate-Mondragón, where its limestone and concrete supply and manufacture takes place, this is mainly for  the Alto Deba region and also in some municipalities located on Duranguesado region in Bizkaia. It provides a limestone mining resource of the highest quality making it into the […]