We help adhesive and sealant formulations improve the qualities of the product.

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) plays a critical role in improving adhesive and sealant formulations.

A sealant is a viscous or thixotropic material which after curing changes into elastic rubber, it is used to provide a seal against air and gas leaks, and to reduce noise, dust, fire, fumes and leaks.

An adhesive is a chemical compound that allows the junction between two elements through surface contact.

The base composition consists of many raw materials and chemical formulations and chemical and mineral additives, which are adapted to the needs of each application.

Calcinor manufactures a range of products that improves the properties of these formulations.

Precipitated calcium carbonate, CALPREC® PR, is used as a rheology modifier in a variety of sealants, especially in the formulations of PVC plastisols which are applied in the automotive industry.  CALPREC® PR is also used in other sealant formulations such as: Polyurethane, MS polymers, polysulphide, epoxy, etc. and as a chemical additive to add properties the most notable being thixotropy.

At the same time, the use of PCC CALPREC® PR substantially simplifies the design of new formulations owing to its easy spreading, high yield value and low viscosity.

Micronised Calcium Oxide is highly reactive if used with a drying agent in different formulations.