We are committed to sustainable growth and strive for excellence in our products and our employees.

Through the development of new technologies and industrial processes, we optimize and use the strictly necessary resources, preserving the natural environment.


All the products of our range are controlled throughout the production process from the selective exploitation of the deposits to the shipment of finished products. In order to do this, we have the facilities and laboratories where all kinds of tests and trials are conducted.

Research and continuous optimization of our industrial processes and adaptation of our products to new customer needs allows us every day to be more efficient managing to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. We are committed to always providing the highest quality in our work by offering products tailored to the customer. Our continuous activity R+D allows us to discover opportunities to improve our products and services.

We act with initiative, tackle and resolve problems, make decisions and assume our responsibilities individually and collectively.

We are committed to building a strong and efficient organization, investing to endure and grow, developing and transmitting our knowledge and experience.

Convinced of the importance of circular economy to ensure a sustainable future, we look for not only the reutilization of products derived from our activity but also the upgrading of products derived from the activities of our customers.


In our strong commitment to protect the Environment we carry out recovery of natural environments and restore mining activities. Several recovery actions of degraded environment performed by Calcinor have received awards and prizes, which encourage us to continue with the auto requirement and maximum respect for the Environment.

Calcinor also develops underground mining in order to minimize environmental impact. At the same time we have a team working on finding alternative fuels that prioritizes the use of renewable sources and reducing the consumption of natural resources.

It seems important for us to present both our production process as applications and materials that enable to reach our products. Therefore, visits to our facilities are organised in which people become engaged to society of environmental actions that we carry out.


Calcinor has established a management policy based on continuous improvement, emphasizing as one of its priority objectives to ensure the safety of each and all of its employees.

People are the main component of the company, therefore, CALCINOR wants to have a professional team, which participates and gets involved in achieving the objectives of the Group, and, for this reason, assumes the effort and commitment to provide the necessary means to achieve it.

We constantly implement quality and safety standards with the participation and commitment of employees. Internal and external audits conducted on a regular basis allow establishing the work we perform to be in line with these standards.

Sello Aenor ISO 9001
UNE 166002
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