It is recommended for the cleaning, and the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases.

The use of calcium hydroxide in bedding and pens has a powerful sterilisation factor, reducing the number of pathogens and viruses. Easy to apply, application of this product is recommended for the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases.

The sanitising effect is due to both the high pH level of the product and the capacity of oxides to increase the temperature during application, achieving a more efficient and fast disinfection and drying. It is also used in barns, as a paint or with the same disinfection purpose.

The properties supported by lime and its derivatives can be also used for the treatment of manure, generated in livestock units. Removing any pathogens it may have and preserving its nutrients and bioavailability, improving its handling and reducing the smells generated, allowing its storage in the long term.

There are different methods of use and dosages recommended for each individual case, Calcinor can advise you. In the case of barns and pens where the calcium product has to be in contact with animals, use calcium hydroxide.