Calcium compounds function as a fertiliser.

Soil liming or whitewash prevents the migration of phytotoxic elements such as magnesium and aluminium, which reduce growth and negatively affect the development of crops.

Crops need a certain pH for optimum growth. Rain intensifies field exploitation, causing acidification in the soil. It is necessary to correct the soil pH in order to maintain its long-term performance for different cycles and agricultural cropping, for which we have designed various lime and calcined dolomite based products.

The addition of calcium oxide or calcium-magnesium oxide enables the acidity of soil to be to neutralised by adjusting pH, which helps to:

  • Prepare the soil for the crop to absorb the nutrients in excellent conditions.
  • Remove the phytotoxicity of aluminium, a basic element of silicates, through the  transformation of other non-toxic ionic species for crops.
  • Reduces the solubility of heavy metals, and thus, its bioavailability for crops.

Apart from pH, with the addition of Calcinor’s products:

  • The calcium state of the soil is regulated. Calcium soil state indicates its suitability for agricultural use. To regulate this calcium state products with calcium and/or magnesium are used, for example limestone, dolomite or corresponding oxides.
  • Calcium products keep the structure of agricultural soil stable. The stability of this structure is essential to correctly develop the main functions for a correct growth of the crops.
  • The magnesium contained in our products is a chlorophyll component, a necessary requisite for the development of photosynthesis in plants.

Products such as oxide are absorbed and quickly correct the pH of soils, whereas carbonate has an absorption and regulation effect in the medium term.

The wide range of grading and offer of regulation products, Calcinor makes it possible to provide the best solution for each soil and agricultural plan.