The properties of the aggregates determine the characteristics of the concrete. Calcinor produces concrete from limestone aggregates in their quarries.

Our aggregate quarries allow us to guarantee the supply and performance of our concrete.

This is the most widely used construction material and is made of a mixture of aggregates, water, cement and additives in specific amounts.

Calcinor produces concrete from aggregate limestones mined in our quarries, obtaining high performance concrete adapting them to the high demands of modern building methods.

There are modern facilities equipped with up-to-date production lines, and a fleet of vehicles in constant renovation.

The concrete we currently manufacture is a result of over 30 years of evolution, always at the side of our customers and suppliers, that raises the quality and demands of a highly reliable product.

  • Conventional concrete.
  • High resistance concrete.
  • High thermal conductivity self-compacting concrete.
  • Light concrete.
  • Recycled concrete.
  • Self-levelling concrete.

This range also includes concretes with different technical features, resistances and types of materials used in their production; with differentiations made between limestone aggregates, recycled aggregates (RCD´s and steel aggregates) and other types.