The variety of our products, especially those derived from lime, made for a wide range of sectors, are used mainly in the iron and steel industries due to large quantities used.

Continuing the value chain that begins with calcium and magnesium carbonates taken from our mines, the products obtained after calcination, hydration, sintering and recarbonation are employed in several sectors.

  • Calcium and magnesium carbonates: used in the glass and ceramics industry, as well as in the production of cast iron.
  • Calcium and magnesium oxides and hydroxides: multitude of industrial applications in sectors such as the steel, mining, paper and chemical industry, among others.
  • Sintered dolomite: the combination of a high purity dolomite and a demanding sintering process create refractory properties making it into a useful raw material in the production of shaped and unshaped refractories.
  • Refractories: as a finished product in the form of bricks or stemming plains which are mainly used in the steel industry.
  • Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC): obtained after a series of sintering steps. This PCC is used as a mineral load and rheological modifier in a great number of industrial applications: production of paper, paint, automotive industry, inks, plastics, etc.
Calcinor is present in a large variety of industrial sectors and processes where our products perform a role in purification, decontamination, as refractory agents and property activators.