Precipitated calcium carbonate PCC. Its specific high mass, chemical purity and small particle size can bring other advantages for the preparation (viscosity, low abrasion, etc.) This sector demands some legal requirements; certain certifications for those raw materials used as additives and manufacturing processes in food. CALPREC® PA Food PCC E-170 Calcium Hydroxide E-526 MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS […]


Whether the raw material is sugar beet or cane sugar, quick-lime is used to precipitate any impurities in the sugar in order to obtain pure sucrose. Once the raw material (either sugar beet or sugar cane) is cleaned and crushed, water is added to form a concentrated juice with an acid pH, containing colloids and […]


Micronised calcium carbonate is used as a food additive in animal feeds. For birds, an improvement in the egg quality and shell hardness is achieved. Calcium oxide in very fine grading and high reactivity it is used in preparation of calcium soaps subsequently intended for use in the animal feed sector. Manufacturing of calcium soaps is produced […]


The use of calcium hydroxide in bedding and pens has a powerful sterilisation factor, reducing the number of pathogens and viruses. Easy to apply, application of this product is recommended for the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases. The sanitising effect is due to both the high pH level of the product and the capacity […]


Soil liming or whitewash prevents the migration of phytotoxic elements such as magnesium and aluminium, which reduce growth and negatively affect the development of crops. Crops need a certain pH for optimum growth. Rain intensifies field exploitation, causing acidification in the soil. It is necessary to correct the soil pH in order to maintain its […]


The contribution of calcium and magnesium are essential for cultivation, growth and animal feed. Liming increases the mineral fertility of acidic soils. Crops need a certain pH for optimum growth. Rain and present intensifies field exploitation, causing acidification in the soil. It is necessary to correct the soil pH in order to maintain its long-term […]


Calcinor produces a range of products specific for this application called NATURDEP®. These contain high surface area calcium hydroxides, which increase the effectiveness or uptake of acidic contaminants, generating fewer residues. All industrial thermal processes, (cooking, combustion, curing…) generate naturally acidic contaminated gases (fluorine, chlorine, sulphur…). These gases cannot be directly emitted into the atmosphere until they comply […]


Some industrial processes are generated through products inthe form of sludge, something that needs to be properly managed. In the water treatment sector a large quantity of sludge is generated in the filtration and decantation process. Sludge, depending on its origin, contains a high percentage of moisture, which makes it difficult to manage. Due to its […]


Water treatments, water is a resource widely used in industrial processes, as well as being an indispensable element for humans. So, to allow industrial development and at the same time preserve water it is necessary to perform water decontamination treatments. The type of treatment applied to the water is different depending on its origin. Existing water […]


Quick-lime, hydrated lime or dolomites are the most effective alkaline products for environmental applications. Products supplied by Calcinor are used for environmental protection, and part of the gas, water and sludge treatment process. The objective of this treatment is to conserve natural resources and minimize the carbon footprint generated by industrial activities. The main functions […]