Improve agricultural cycles and outputs based on lime and dolomite.

The contribution of calcium and magnesium are essential for cultivation, growth and animal feed. Liming increases the mineral fertility of acidic soils.

Crops need a certain pH for optimum growth. Rain and present intensifies field exploitation, causing acidification in the soil. It is necessary to correct the soil pH in order to maintain its long-term performance or for different cycles and agricultural campaigns, we have designed various lime and calcine dolomite based products.

Calcinor offers a specific product, AGROCAL SP®, which aids crop application, extension and assimilation.

In the cattle industry lime is used as a sanitiser to control infections and reduce the spread of pathogens, as well as for the conditioning of manure and slurry.

Calcium oxide is also used in the production of the so-called calcium soaps, which compliment animal feed.