We present NATURDEP® SCS our new product offering high absorption capacity for acid pollutants. Read more New INDUSTRIAL CHALLENGES During the Acid Gas Treatment Process: Emissions All thermal industrial processes (firing, combustion, curing…) generate pollutant acid gases (Fluorine, Chlorine, Sulphur…). These gases cannot be pumped directly into the atmosphere as they must meet a series […]


Yesos Albi is one of the companies with the longest experience in the powdered gypsum field, and has become a reference both nationally and internationally. Yesos Albi has its own mines and manufacturing premises. The applications of the products on the market can be classified as below: Powdered gypsum is used for covering interior walls during […]


Milk of lime is a fluid made of calcium hydroxide suspended in water. Milk of lime can be produced with different percentages of solids and can be adapted to the needs of the relevant process. The conditions during the production of lime milk influence its properties decisively so the production parameters must be carefully controlled. DISCOVER OUR EXCLUSIVE MILK […]


A well-known product in the building restoration because of its plasticity and workability. This product boasts a consolidated and longstanding history, and is used in restoration of historical buildings and in masonry work, as well as for stucco since ancient times. It is also used in agriculture as a biocide. Lime putty can react well […]


Asfaltia produces bituminous mixtures and provides maintenance services and the conservation of public works. Road surfaces are made up of a series of layers placed horizontally on the ground, with two main functions: Resistance: must be able to sufficiently cushion the loads so that the surface can withstand them. Provide a comfortable, safe driving surface. […]


Our aggregate quarries allow us to guarantee the supply and performance of our concrete. This is the most widely used construction material and is made of a mixture of aggregates, water, cement and additives in specific amounts. Calcinor produces concrete from aggregate limestones mined in our quarries, obtaining high performance concrete adapting them to the high demands […]


With our own quarries in strategic locations, we are the leading producers in Gipuzkoa (The Basque Contry) and have an important presence in both Levante and Madrid, offering a personalized quality service. These products are used for buiding assembly or for coatings on masonry and walls. Mortar is made by mixing sand, water, cement and additives […]


It is the second most consumed raw material by humans after water. This natural aggregate is characterized by its chemical composition, physical stability and granulometric size. The use of this raw material is essential to the socio-economic development and infrastructure of a country, and is reflected in the quality of life. These are inert solid materials of […]


The high-quality dolomite minerals with their high magnesium carbonate content has made the quarry of Dolomitas del Norte into the European and worldwide benchmark. This mineral is added as an agricultural amendment, supplying both calcium cations and magnesium, fundamental for the remodelling of land and correct development of plants and crops. Calcinor has access to minerals […]


Comprehensive monitoring of the raw material provides a high-quality range of products. Calcinor has quarries that supply high purity (>95%) calcium carbonate mineral (limestone), that feed the whole range of production. The exhaustive control of this raw material from the very first moment ensures a high richness in the whole chain of related products. Through crushing and classification aggregates […]