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In search of management excellence at Calcinor Deposits – Mining Workshops

Calcinor, as a leading mining-company and producer of calcinated carbonates in Spain, is an expert in the exploitation and management of mining deposits. Work that it has been carrying out since the 1950s when its first high-purity calcium deposit – with the name Fidel Azcabide – was exploited in Legorreta (in the province of Guipúzcoa, Spain), a mine that contained calcium that could be calcinated. The resulting company now runs 21 mines, of both calcium and Dolomite, dotted around Spain, Central-Europe and Africa.

What has made Calcinor into an outstanding example of mining management is its resolute commitment to the sustainability of the mineral resources available and to protecting the environment.

The keys to mining management at Calcinor

Recently, in the news entitled “If the minerals at Calcinor could speak” a reference made clear how important the quality of the raw material is to Calcinor and how prospecting and the extraction of minerals is carried out at the highest level.

The keys to this mining management goes from the use of state-of-the-art prospecting techniques to being able to count on a team of experts and a specialized laboratory.

But if something is indispensable for everything to come together well and bear fruit it is the fact that the company is always in the vanguard, both technically and at environmental level, complying with current norms and relevant legislation, guaranteeing responsible mine exploitation and high-quality mining resources.

With a network of deposits spread around two continents it is important for Calcinor to align mining extraction strategies and at the same time share information. With this goal Calcinor organized a series of workshops where those responsible, as well as site managers, currently working in quarries shared their experiences and knowledge and provided up to date information about mining at their locations.

Sharing knowledge – IV Calcinor Mining Workshop

Since 2011 Calcinor has been organizing workshops three times a year for the managers of their deposits. The aim is clear, to share common experiences, discover the best mine exploitation practices and to keep the team informed regarding the latest changes to legislation and innovations in the environmental sector.

The technical and legal aspects in the field of mining require constant updating and these workshops seek to align, train and inform the technical team responsible for the management of these key resources at Calcinor.

So, in October 2018 the IV Calcinor Mining Workshop was held at CALCASA (Cal de Castilla S.A), a company belonging to Calcinor located in Madrid.

In previous workshops a variety of key subjects for the sector were examined; for example, the use of sub-contractors in quarries, waste management in extraction industries and advanced management so that full advantage can be taken of the raw materials in the deposits.

This time, the company’s mining professionals took an in-depth look at Safety at Work and great emphasis was placed on complying with the Environmental Commitments taken on at Calcinor mines and how mines can be restored.

A successful workshop that met the expectations of those attending and raised some important issues that will be discussed in future meetings.

In summary, informative workshops for Calcinor staff, to make them aware of new practices and a forum to harmonize decisions related to future activity. The aim being for Calcinor to reach management excellence of their mining resources and at the same time sustainable growth.