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New products and applications from Calcinor

Mineral products are employed in such a wide range of applications, in many different sectors, that it would be difficult to think of our day to day lives without them.

Calcinor, with its wide range of exceptional calcium products, and related to its bet on continuity, diversification and sustainability, has recently entered into an association with euroMinerals to expand the range of products offered to our customers.

Talc and its derivatives, new products from Calcinor

Calcinor`s sister company, euroMinerals, is a specialist in the development and micronization of industrial minerals, one of which, as well as many others, is talc. A product of great importance and use which rounds off our current range of products.

Talc is a silicate of magnesium of special interest for industry; used in the plastics, paint and coatings sectors as well as in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. This diversity of applications is reflected in the need to supply these sectors with a broad-range of high-quality, technological products.

THE Intalc RANGE:  High quality talc

The Intalc range of products is obtained via the processing of a high-purity macro-crystalline Talc which can be supplied in many grades of fineness and quality.
Photo: Eurominerals.

In this way the best performance of this mineral as an enhancer of the mechanical properties of plastics is achieved and as a modifier of other properties, such as abrasion, resistance to wear, opacity and adhesion of the coatings.

The Incomp Range:  Compounds of talc with improved extending properties

The Incomp range of products comes to complete this use of Talc in the plastics and coatings sectors through the advanced formulation “Multifunctional Extender”, very important for adjusting the properties of their dispersion and wettability, among others.

This is therefore a material based on talc, available in several grades of fineness and richness, obtained by using advanced grinding techniques, which convert it into a product with unique, improved properties.

Photo: Euromineral

The Inbond RANGE:  Talc covered with Titanium Oxide

In the pigments sector, Titanium oxide is used in the paints, plastics and coatings sectors, and for these the Inbond range provides a range of products that aim to optimize the costs of the formulation containing it.

To achieve this it is necessary to have a pigment with optimized properties of dispersal within the medium, this results in a lower dosage of the product being necessary. The Inbond range achieves this by producing a scale-like compound of talc covered with Titanium oxide, via a technological solution in its multi-stage production.

Photo: Eurominerals

These products allow costs to be optimized by retaining and even improving their properties and bring excellent optical properties to the formulations that use it.

Industrial minerals for plastics applications: Knowledge, products and solutions from Calcinor

The application of industrial minerals in the plastics sector is nothing new for Calcinor as one of our differentiated products, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC –  manufactured by the company Cales de Llierca), has been successfully employed in the sector for many years (see the article “Calcium Carbonate and its most surprising applications”.

It has therefore been a natural evolution for Calcinor to have created an association with our sister company, euroMinerals, as it means that a wider, more complete range can be offered to such an important technological sector, as well as to those of coatings, plastics and paints.

If our range of Intalc, Incomp & Inbond products has aroused your interest or you want to know how these minerals can bring improvements in your application do not hesitate to contact us.

We continue to grow towards a sustainable industrial future that includes our new minerals, new processes and new applications. We`d like to tell you about them?