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Remembering 2019… Let`s welcome in 2020!

We began the year celebrating the 50 year history of one of Calcinor`s companies, a leader in the sector, CALES DE LLIERCA S.A.. With its bet on product diversification and quality it is a reference in the production of natural lime products, the most notable of these being Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC).

Cales de Llierca S.A celebrated half a century of activity in 2019

This is demonstrated by the fact that in 2019 CALES DE LLIERCA S.A. attended several specialized forums dedicated to the use of PCC, for example the European Coating Show 2019 (ECS), European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO 2019 (FEICA) as well as the Egyptian Coating Show 2019. Further information here.
In the same vein, in the first half of the year we highlighted the fact that CALCINOR was also celebrating the achievements of another one of its leading companies. This time it was ANDALUZA DE CALES S.A. which was awarded a prestigious prize; given by the Morón Business Association (Asociación de Empresarios de Morón). Awarded in recognition of its status as “Consolidated Company” demonstrating the care taken at this company down the years, a leader in the manufacture of calcinated products in the region of Andalusia, in southern Spain.

ANCASA S.A receiving the award

The bet on differentiated lime products of quality that can be employed in technological applications was one of CALCINOR`s lines of activity in 2019. And so, a new product called TISOCAL® was presented in the specialized forum, Mining and Minerals Hall (MMH) 2019. A highly concentrated and stable lime milk that is easy to use and one which retains its effectiveness. Presentations given included one about the use of calcium hydrate during the preparation of the bituminous asphalt mix; this improves its durability and at the same time lime milk itself is crucial in the protection of the drainage adherence employed between the different layers of asphalt.

Presentation of a new Lime Milk product at the MMH 2019

We must also mention CALCINOR`s participation, throughout 2019, in the humanitarian project that is being carried out in Turkana (Kenya), the aim being to produce Artisanal Lime. This project has already been able to construct and put into operation a small factory that produces sustainable construction materials. At the moment it is making quality lime and plaster in a controlled manner, and the project is advancing in its proposed aim of producing cooked clay bricks and other prefabricated elements for use in construction.

Construction in Turkana – Humanitarian Project that CALCINOR participates in

Finally, it has also been a year of changes at some of our production centres, the most noteworthy being the recently inaugurated specialized laboratory at REFRACTARIOS KELSEN S.A.. A laboratory that provides the company with the most up to date premises and equipment to carry out quality control tests and to develop the refractory materials produced there.

New laboratory at REFRACTARIOS KELSEN S.A.

At the same time CALCINOR`s headquarters in Altzo (Gipuzkoa – the Basque Country) also boasts a new look. The building was inaugurated in 1997 and today it is used by the staff at CALCINOR SERVICIOS S.A & CALCINOR S.L.

Photgraph of the new CALCINOR headquarters in Gipuzkoa – the Basque Country

It has been a year full of hard work, endeavour and dedication which we rounded off with a recreational activity, our annual photographic competition – CALCINOR 2019. The judges thought that the winning photograph clearly captured the theme of this year`s competition, which was none other than to show what, above all, our company represents. The winner, Jose Mari Zubizarreta from CALERA DE ALZO S.A., called his snapshot “Together we all add up”.

Winning snapshot in the Calcinor Photographic Competition 2019.

And so, we now bring an end to all the news from CALCINOR and associates in 2019. In the year to come there will undoubtedly be new opportunities, projects and challenges to face up to, which as always, we will tackle with hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.