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Calcium Carbonate and its most surprising applications. Part I

We spoke in our previous article If the minerals from Calcinor could speak…” about the importance of the purity of the limestone rock used as raw material because this determines the quality of the Calcium Carbonate obtained, as well as of the products made from it.
And it is precisely this fact that makes Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) into such a versatile chemical product, one that can have multiple applications according to its purity, grain-size, treatment and transformation.

60 years of experience endorse Calcinor in the field of extraction and production of this widely used calcium product, but it is also used in some very surprising ways.

Two Calcinor products, Micronized Calcium Carbonate and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, are the stars of these curious applications, but first let us find out its most common uses so as to understand the work it does in our immediate surroundings.

Most common applications of a well-known but necessary product.

Calcium Carbonate is an inert solid that can be used directly after being extracted from quarries and classified according to its grain size, it is employed in mixes with other binders for the manufacture of concretes, asphalts and mortars. It is also commonly used directly in fillings, road construction and as railway ballast.

Did you know that this naturally-occurring aggregate is the second most consumed raw-material after water?

In short, Calcinor has been able to provide solutions for the use of CaCOin the Construction sector by developing new products, specifically for civil works and made to measure products for the restoration of façades and historic buidings.

Technology at the service of differentiated Calcium Carbonate.

Starting with a product of high purity, as is the case with Calcinor, allows us to produce a differentiated Calcium Carbonate for very different and varied applications. But how do we do it?

On the one hand there is the modification of the carbonate grain size via trituration processes. Classification and micronization allows us to select a wide-range of aggregate sizes making it possible to obtain a fine product (<50 microns) of high-added value: Micronized Calcium Carbonate – ARIBLANC PLUS ®

So the size of the grain in this versatile product can be adjusted according to the different needs of each application.

On the other hand,, Calcinor`s production installations in Cales de Llierca uses a technological process of transformation and purification of the Calcium Carbonate which after a series of chemical processes yields a unique product with differentiated properties: PCC or Precipitated Calcium Carbonate – CALPREC PA ® & CALPREC PR ®.

PCC is characterized by having a narrow distribution of very fine particle sizes (<2 microns). At crystallographic level it is possible to obtain different crystalline formations, which give different properties to the final product, increasing its applicability as an additive in several sectors.

Sample of different possible structures in PCC
But to what level can this this differentiation of the product reach? Find out all about the most surprising applications of Calcinor Calcium Carbonate in the second part of this article.
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