Calmit Hungría or Calmit KFT is the partner company of Calmit Eslovaquia for Hungary since 2003.

Located in Lábatland, on the banks of River Danube and very close to the border with Slovakia and Austria, it is in a large industrial complex with direct access by railway.

Since 1988 it has the only kiln in the world of the Voest Alpine type – with a huge calcium oxide production capacity – this has been upgraded and since 2009 can work with mixed fuels. In addition, as from 2004 it produces calcium hydroxide from the nearby plant of Dorog and since 2013 directly operates the quarry that supplies its raw materials.

Its strategic location makes it the ideal link with the Slovak market and it plays a major role in the lime market in Hungary; in sectors such as metallurgy, mining, sugar, paper, environment, mortar and gypsum.