50 years of experience backs its reputation in the iron and steel industry

More than 50 years of experience in the iron and steel industry has brought great expertise, resulting in a successful partnerships with customers and enabling us to find the most appropriate refractory solutions regarding work efficiency and safety for: converters, kilns, ladles and mixing troughs.

This personalised attention starts with a study of the customer`s production process, then the most suitable cladding is designed, selected on the basis of its suitability and format so that the tender can be presented, the refractory is commissioned and the installation supervised, the process finally ends with a study of  the residual thicknesses, making it possible to define the necessary improvements needed to improve cost competitiveness. To achieve this it has the best team of experts available, both in the refractory and in the steelmaking process.

In addition to the modern facilities that allow them to be competitive in more than 30 countries across four continents, Refractorios Kelsen have dolomite deposits of the highest chemical purity currently available on the market, thanks to its integration in the Calcinor Group.