A micronized calcium oxide with outstanding properties: Small particle size It is a product with a controlled particle size distribution centered in the 40 micron range. The small particle size improves the reaction speed.  Reactivity Highly reactive product due to its very narrow particle size distribution. Fluidity High fluidity for improved dispersion of the product. […]


We present NATURDEP® SCS our new product offering high absorption capacity for acid pollutants. Read more New INDUSTRIAL CHALLENGES During the Acid Gas Treatment Process: Emissions All thermal industrial processes (firing, combustion, curing…) generate pollutant acid gases (Fluorine, Chlorine, Sulphur…). These gases cannot be pumped directly into the atmosphere as they must meet a series […]


Our CALCITALAVADA 1/3 mm, marketed since 2008, is a top range product whose performance guarantees success at the remineralisation stage of potable water. It is a high added value product, commercialised around the world. Manufacture: Our exclusive manufacturing process achieves a complete absence of finings, with the guarantee of non-turbidity being generated in the mineralised water […]

<strong>ARI</strong>BLANC PLUS<sup>®</sup>

ARIBLANC PLUS® is our range of micronised white calcium carbonates, without humidity and high purity, adapted to several industrial applications, with specific needs and requiring high quality raw materials. Manufacture: Our industrial process guarantees a micronised product completely dry, an obligatory requirement in most applications. Whiteness and mineral richness: Calcium carbonate content higher than 99% Fineness: Range […]


The industrial process that Calcinor subjects this raw material to can be considered as unique in the world. Allowing us to obtain a product with special characteristics that extends its application potential. REFRADOL® is a raw material for production of refractories, suitable for uses that put them in contact with water or aqueous additives for its […]


Continuous R+D investment together with the experience acquired over several decades has enabled the development and implementation of the whole range of CALPREC® products in different markets. . Taking QUALITY as the reference has made CALPREC® into a reference worldwide in the Precipitated Calcium Carbonate field. PRODUCTION PLANTS APPLICATION SECTORS RELEVANT MATTERS


Its purity and specific reactivity ensure a high performance. A high-quality product designed for use in water treatments for human consumption. Product selection starts in the mining process to ensure high quality and compliance with existing regulations for this sector, such as the UN EN 12518.   PRODUCTION PLANTS APPLICATION SECTORS RELEVANT MATTERS


High reactivity, fineness and high specific surfaces make the NATURDEP® range an ideal solution for the decontamination of gases. NATURDEP® makes up our range of calcium products that are specifically designed for the purification of gases. Their main properties are: Fineness: micrometric sizes help to accelerate reaction kinetics. Specific surface areas: high specific surface areas help to increase […]


By means of collaborations and R+D activities Calcinor has developed a range of STABYCAL® products that optimize the stabilization process of clay soils with lime. The range of STABYCAL® products selects and modifies calcium oxides and hydroxides, strengthening its performance and reactivity reducing the loss of the product when being applied. PRODUCTION PLANTS THE STABYCAL® FAMILY INCLUDES […]