Naturdep is designed in response to the environmental sector and more specifically for gaseous treatments and decontamination.

High reactivity, fineness and high specific surfaces make the NATURDEP® range an ideal solution for the decontamination of gases.

NATURDEP® makes up our range of calcium products that are specifically designed for the purification of gases. Their main properties are:

  • Fineness: micrometric sizes help to accelerate reaction kinetics.

  • Specific surface areas: high specific surface areas help to increase the efficiency of pollutant absorption.

  • Richness: high purity raw materials guarantee a high uptake of contaminated gases.

  • Reactivity: the correct combination of the parameters above, allow us to produce highly reactive products.

Every purifying plant and each industrial process require individual responses identified in the treatment of gases: (Different gas temperatures, types of composition-polluting emissions, times of residence, filtration system…)

It is necessary to adapt the type and quantity of absorbent to the individual characteristics of each process. To achieve this Calcinor makes its technical service and facilities available to clients.